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Dasaita is a Brand of Guang Zhou Huge Circle Electronic CO ., Ltd . Our company was found in 2008 . Dasaita aims to bring the most exciting Car Entertainment system to your Car. Are you looking for new products and technologies that can facilitate your Car life, as well as with a very good price/performance units ? All these are what we Dasaita team do and concern for you. and all goods can be brought to your door ar resonable prices . Your order will be cheaked before delivery to you . Dasaita manufacture Different series android head-unit, who produces the most competitive products on market,such as Android Sofia-Series, V500-series, V600-series , S6-Series , S7-Series , P600-Series ,T600-Series and more products will coming ,we will carry a vast selection of value-priced novelties. Think of Dasaita as most efficient brand and reliable cross-border shopping helper around . You will get the below unique service and high quality Car android head-units Drive with Dasaita , Drive with Fun